Saturday 19 September 2020

Interactive Techniques - Using Wikis & Blogs


127. Group Wiki Projects - Instead of emailing a document (or PPT) back and forth, student groups can collaborate in real time with a free wiki such as

128. Wiki Class Notes - Offering a class wiki for the optional sharing of lecture notes aids students who miss class, provides a tool for studying, and helps students see the material from more than one perspective.


129. Questions to Students - Use the blog to “push” questions and discussion prompts to students like you would email, but in a different forum.

130. Provide Links - The native HTML nature of the blog makes it easy to give links to news stories and relevant websites.

131. Substitute for Blackboard Discussion Board - Students can comment on each post (or previous comment) and engage in a dialogue that is similar to Blackboard, but while out in the Internet in general.

132. Electronic Role Play - Students create their own blogs, and write diary-type entries while role-playing as someone central to your content.