Saturday 19 September 2020

Interactive Techniques - Using YouTube


120. Video Demonstrations - Using a webcam, record a demonstration relevant to your topic and post it to YouTube.

121. Student Videos - Student projects, presentations, or speeches can take the form of video instead of PowerPoint, and uploaded for the class to see.

122. Closed Eyes Method – To prevent students at home from “reading” presentations (such as poem recitations) that were supposed to be memorized for YouTube upload, require them to give the performance with their eyes closed.

123. Interactive Video Quizzes - Using annotations (text boxes) and making them hyperlinks to other uploaded videos, instructors can construct an on-screen “multiple choice” test leading to differentiated video reactions, depending on how the student answers. Requires filming multiple videos and some editing work.

124. Movie Clips - Show brief segments of popular movies to illustrate a point, start a conversation, have students hunt for what the movie gets wrong, etc.

125. Embed Into PowerPoint - YouTube videos can be embedded into PPT as long as there is an active Internet connection; create a Shockwave Flash object in the Developer tab, and add the URL for “Movie” in the properties (the URL will need to replace “watch?=v/” with just “/v/”). Alternative: use one-button plugin from iSpring Free.

126. Shared Account – Instructor creates a generic YouTube username/account and gives the password to everyone in the class, so student uploads all go to the same place.