Saturday 19 September 2020

Interactive Techniques - Using Twitter


107. Report from the Field – Students use smart phones to record their observations while witnessing an event/location related to the course of study, capturing more honest and spontaneous reactions

108. Twitter Clicker Alternative - In large classes, a hashtag can amalgamate all posts by your students in one place, giving them a free-response place to provide feedback or guess at a right answer. Also useful for brainstorming.

109. Backchannel Conversations in Large Classes – unlike a whispered conversation, a Twitter conversation (searchable by agreed-upon hashtag) becomes a group discussion. Students may also help out other students who missed a brief detail during the lecture.

110. Follow an Expert – Luminaries in many disciplines, as well as companies and governmental agencies, often publish a Twitter feed. Reading such updates provides a way to stay current.

111. Tweeted Announcements - Instead of Blackboard, use Twitter to send out announcements like cancelled classes.

112. Twitter Pictures and URLs - Twitpic and other services allows for photo upload to twitter; and other “link shorteners” allow for pasting long URLs as short ones.

113. Student Summaries - Make one student the “leader” for tweets; she posts the top five important concepts from each session to twitter (one at a time); other students follow her feed and RT for discussion/disagreements

114. Quick Contact - Since sharing cell phone numbers is risky, instructors may wish to let students follow them on Twitter and send Direct Messages that way.

115. Community-Building - A Twitter group for your specific class creates inclusiveness and belonging.

116. Twitter Projects - Tweetworks and other apps can enable student groups to communicate with each other more easily.

117. Brainstorm - Small Twitter assignments can yield unexpected brainstorming by students, since it’s happening “away” from the LMS.

118. Twitter Poll - PollDaddy and other apps enable Twitter to gather interest, information, attitudes, and guesses.

119. Post Links - News stories and other websites can be linked via Twitter (services such as will shorten URLs).