Saturday 19 September 2020

Interactive Techniques - Using Facebook


103. Replace Discussion Boards - Create a Facebook “group” (private/invite only) and use the Wall as the class discussion board. Students are notified by home page notification when someone replies to their thread.

104. Notify Students Quickly – Posting to Facebook will reach your students much faster than an email, because most of them check Facebook regularly.

105. Fan Page - An alternative to a group is a “fan” page, which has the advantage that your “status updates” will show up for students on their Live Feed. Disadvantage: some students turn off Live Feed and only see status updates of their friends.

106. Direct Facebook Friendship - Allowing your students to “friend” you will give you unfettered access to them (unless they’ve set up a special role for you), but more importantly, your status updates will be visible to them on the home page (unless they block you manually). Disadvantage: too much information will be revealed on both sides, unless both you and the students set up “lists” with limited access allowed.